Lose Weight

So many girls want to lose weight fast for two or three days and are always looking for a new miracle method or diet. Exhausting myself within a month strict diet and restricted in food are making some some significant results. And so, it would seem, has been achieved, but for some reason the weight comes back. Psychologists call this phenomenon "plateau effect". That is why the fastest ways to lose weight do not work. What is the effect of the plateau? For example, if a person throws a basket balls, and expects that will fall from 10 balls 10, and gets only 3. Next is disappointing and a man ceases to believe in their abilities.

On the chart the effect of the plateau can be depicted as a line that rises to the top until it crosses a boundary of the plateau. Further, the line will go straight until you will some key event allowing continued growth or a sharp drop down. When dieting, many people experienced a plateau effect on me. When you stick to a diet and lose the pounds long-awaited, and then the weight comes back even in larger quantities – is the effect of the plateau. What's happening? When you follow a certain procedure or diet your weight down, and you lose weight. But any method or diet can lose weight up to a certain milestone. For example, if you expect that with diet lose weight on 30 kg and lost weight by only 5. You are frustrated, quit the diet and Soon typing former weight.

What to do? When there is a plateau effect and with the help of diet you went on a line must be realistic to imagine that it was time to give impetus to the further promotion to the top. For example, when you dropped 5 kg with diet and need to add another set of exercises. This will allow you to move on to the target and avoid disappointment in myself. Most important is the inner spirit. After many obstacles, we create for themselves. Was the case: the girl read about a new diet and began to apply it in practice. After losing thirty pounds, she felt fine and had already updated the wardrobe, but the diet has been written that the effect will last for three year. Of course, after three years work, imposed the restriction and weight back. Always refers to the weight loss and optimistic you will succeed!


“Last date of 2011: December 14 – Stuttgart – automotive many interested visitors, stimulating discussions and a very well organized event”-so is the conclusion that an exhibitor after the last job40plus on Facebook posted. And the IT infrastructure service provider was not alone with his praise. All exhibitors of the event were consistently satisfied. And as well as the visitors. “I could apply the same on multiple jobs and got many tips that have helped me,” a candidate thanked.

“” Now the last job40plus 2011 is around the corner: when: December 14th, 2011, 1 pm to 20 pm what: job40plus focusing on industry automobile “where: Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart job40plus is the first job fair aimed specifically at experienced specialist and managerial staff and thus seeking firms an alternative in the war for talent” shows up. A long overdue approach”, as also an exhibitor was delighted. As a kind of counterpart to graduate fairs, job40plus organized the second, third, or fourth career step. “This is the 40′ but not in stone”, as initiator Sabine Hildebrandt Wockel underlined. Experienced professional is critical.” In December in Stuttgart include the seeker company including Rucker, Benteler, Bertrandt, engineering people, Chamberlain, Kromberg & Schubert, all companies are represented with personnel and department heads, which means that on-site job interviews can run. There are specially equipped rest areas available for this. Aims”, so once again, through the immediate face-to-face encounter significantly to shorten the recruitment process Hildebrandt Wockel.

In addition to the companies stands, there are also numerous services and actions. These include such as career Kurzcoachings or open type discussions. “The Association Executives ‘ e.V. is represented with its own stand and advises on labor law issues. Also, a presentation program that revolves around career themes also runs at the same time throughout the day. The the whole variety of the industry cover vacant positions. We are looking for not just engineers of all stripes, but also IT specialists, BWLer / merchants, sales and marketing professionals. Executives also are addressed to managers and boards of Directors. The concept is new yet the organizers, Sabine Hildebrandt Wockel and Christine Schretter, rely on 15 years of experience in the organisation of job fairs and career and personal counselling. They were also founders of the career day, the first German job fair for professionals and executives, which took place nationwide. For your concepts, they got several business awards. 2012 there will be a total of eight events in four cities: 29 03 2012 Munich automotive 24 04 2012 Hamburg IT / IT-consulting & media 16 05 2012 Stuttgart engineering 19-06 2012 Cologne finance / consulting 19th 06th 2012 Cologne IT/IT-consulting 27 09 2012 Munich IT/IT-consulting & Telecommunications 11 10th 2012 Hamburg aerospace / mechanical engineering / energy 14 12 2012 Stuttgart automotive detailed info about the new concept and the initiators see press contact: Melanie Binder Tel. 089/41 61 07 78-0, job40plus GbR Sabine Hildebrandt Wockel Christine of Saka Jutastrasse 7 80636 Munich

Polymer Pipes For Cold Water

Advantages The main advantages of plastic pipes plastic pipe are: durability; low weight at a sufficiently high strength; high corrosion resistance; low thermal conductivity; smooth surface and no fouling of the walls; High throughput; convenience and ease of assembly / disassembly; aesthetic qualities. The warranty period for plastic pipe systems and domestic hot water heating – 30 years for the cold Water – 50 years. But under certain conditions, polymer tube may be much longer. Polymer pipes for water resistant (not rust) and almost all corrosive media, the impact of fungi and bacteria. Polymer tubes are non-toxic and do not affect the taste of water, on the inner walls are formed of deposits in the form of scaling, corrosion products, lime. Thanks to the smooth inner surface in such systems significantly (by 30% Compared with the metal) decreases the hydraulic resistance and increases capacity, which remains unchanged throughout the operation.

Pipes made of polymers are very flexible and able to stretch without losing the qualities of up to 7%, while metal pipes are destroyed. Polymer pipes have excellent dielectric properties, while laying in the ground they do not need to be protected from stray currents. Polymer pipes are capable of withstanding the operating pressure of 10 atmospheres, and in short term tests – and all 40 atmospheres. Disadvantages The main disadvantages of plastic pipes plastic pipe are as follows: low maximum Operating temperature; high coefficient of thermal expansion; dependence of the strength of the pipe from the pressure and in particular on the temperature of the transported fluid; rapid aging under direct sunlight; high diffusion coefficient of oxygen through the pipe wall.

When You Need A Psychologist

You can say "standard" situations. Young family together for 4 years. Growing child 3 years old. It seems that everything is just beginning in the life of young married couples, but the unexpected: the husband is gradually changing attitude towards his wife – lost interest, often delayed the work (sometimes in the morning or the evening the next day), does not explain anything. Wife not particularly insists: the thing is clear – high treason, but was silent, to keep the family because he loves, because the child grows. You can imagine what the psychological state in such a situation experienced by women.

Some time later – a divorce, which further exacerbates the depression of his wife. It seems that life turned upside head, and the ground went from under my feet. What to do next? What should I do? Why did fate not so fair? A few months later his wife on a background of prolonged depression and neurosis, panic attacks begin. The child has also changed, subconsciously realizing that there was something bad with my mother and father, and for some reason the pope is no more? Begins to ache just the plain: a cold, you are allergic, then something else. Obviously: the black stripe and life crisis. In such a situation, certainly need help therapist. Therapist experienced, competent and with great practical experience.

In the field of psychotherapy, a huge supply of services of psychologists and psychotherapists. But to whom is best to go to get qualified psychological help of a psychologist or therapist? Indeed, in this case require psychological support and assistance not only to survive the effects of variability and divorce. We must somehow cope with stress, depression and get help therapist panic attacks. In addition, pediatricians do not find the child's physiologic abnormalities, and all his whims and "disease" – a reaction to happening between the parents. Hence, need and help a child psychologist. Modern psychotherapy – a collection of powerful and effective psychological techniques and methods for helping a person in crisis. Each psychologist or therapist, usually selects one or more directions in their work, which serve as the "tools" to aid and psychological support. The more methods in the arsenal, the more services therapist can provide. In this case, the best option would be to appeal to the psychological center, because as a psychologist is required not only women, but also help a child psychologist to her child, the idea would be the best option to apply to family psychology. Such a "set" of specialists can be found only in a psychological center, which offers various services to therapists and psychologists, with psychological counseling and the price for it is not dramatically different from the individual experts.