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Learning Disabilities And How To Cope

Introduction. Or specific developmental dyslexia is a reading disorder and are diagnosed in those individuals who can develop the reading skill despite having normal intelligence and opportunities to learn to read. In the U.S. it is estimated that 15% of American students with dyslexia (Public Health Service, 1980). Dyslexics appear to have the same language skills that normal speakers. Yet research on language processing have detected abnormalities in language ability. There have been problems of phonological, morphological and syntactic. Versus LD Dyslexia.

Learning disabilities usually receive names as “dyslexia”, “Dysgraphia” and “dyscalculia” referred to problems in reading, writing and numeracy skills. It is common to find children with Dyslexia call, as this problem has a specific number of defining characteristics and circumscribe the table. The greatest number are so-called problems or learning difficulties which possible causes are inability to learn general, abnormal physical and sensory, emotional problems, faulty learning methods, etc. The concept of “Problems or Learning Disabilities” appears as a necessity to bring order out of chaos that leads to the definition of Dyslexia symptomatic for their enormous variability. Dyslexia is a collection of symptoms that affects the learning of reading and going on a continuum from mild to severe. Often accompanied by problems of writing, spelling, grammar and composition. Dyslexic children are unable to read despite having normal intelligence, health, sensory organs intact and proper training.

Dyslexic children as opposed to those who have trouble learning to read continue to express difficulties in adulthood. The errors in reading and writing are specific in nature and often have a history hereditary family. Also, problems in other areas of learning. Theories of Dyslexia. There is a lot of theories about the causation of Dyslexia such as improper installation of the prevalence of handedness, genetic (autosomal dominant gene monohybrid), emotional problems, neurological immaturity, alterations in neurotransmitters, minimal brain dysfunction, delayed maturation, etc. Prospects for neurology in relation to dyslexia. Dyslexia was initially identified as an aphasic symptoms in adults for which it is associated with the left cerebral hemisphere. In the past century have been published case reports and aphasic aphasic-alex-dyslexic considering the angular gyrus (Brodman area 39) of the left hemisphere the cause of dyslexia in aphasics. S. Kussmaul was the first to describe the reading disabilities in aphasic patients using the term “Verbal Blindness.” Then Stuttgart Berlin professor created the term Dyslexia.