Mandatory Insurance

The Bundestag approved changes in the mini-jobs, which shall apply from 1 January 2013. They concern the earnings limits, as well as the introduction of a compulsory of insurance for mini jobbers in the statutory pension insurance. Boost the earnings limits the working fee limit for minor employment is increased from EUR 400 to EUR 450. The limit for the monthly floating zone fee of EUR 800 to EUR 850 is adjusted accordingly. Conversion of insurance freedom in the statutory pension insurance compulsory so far are mini jobbers in the statutory pension insurance and purchase only reduced pension rights through their work. You can however on the freedom of insurance and purchase full required contribution periods in the statutory pension insurance by paying increasing amounts. For this purpose, a written declaration from the employer is required.

From next year, the process is reversed. Mini jobbers are basically pension resident, but may differ from the Insurance duty free can be. This requires a written request to the employer. Consequences for mini jobbers the mini Jobber pay the difference between the flat-rate contribution of the employer to the pension insurance of 15% (or 5% for mini-jobs in private households) up to the full contribution rate of 18.9% of earnings from January. Is this a credit of EUR 450 spend 17.55 EUR = 3.9%. This, the mini jobbers and others can receive a claim for disability pension and take advantage of promoting Riester claimed. The mini jobbers submits an application for exemption, it remains in the flat-rate contribution of the employer. Impact on existing employment up to 400 EUR mini jobbers, who already were slightly busy insurance-free prior to January 1, 2013, and continue this.

However, you can choose the insurance obligation in the statutory pension insurance from January 1. No changes occurred in people who had already opted to compulsory pension insurance. Earn between 400 and 450 EUR For mini jobbers, who were employed before January 1, 2013 in the sliding zone above 400 EUR up to EUR 450 the previous sliding zone applies further. You can leave from compulsory free themselves but in the unemployment and health insurance. In the pension insurance, an exemption is excluded before 31 December 2014. Merit between 800 and 850 EUR mini jobbers, who so far have earned between 800 and 850 EUR, are still resident. However, you can request the floating zone system with the employer. For questions we are available. Torsten Bogausch Schmidt & Partner GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft branch Weisswasser of Bautzner Strasse 38, corner 2,500 road 02943 Weisswasser Tel.: 03576/2839-0 fax: 03576 / 283930 Internet: E-mail:

Lose Weight Fast

If you really want to lose weight as soon as possible, you can consider losing weight fast. The weight loss industry is full of products and methods that promise to help you lose tens of thousands of pounds in just a few weeks. However, if you do a little research, soon you will notice that most of these quick weight loss techniques are not secure and can be dangerous to your health. Lose weight safely is characterized by the loss of no more than two or three pounds per week, and losing weight successfully means being able to maintain your new weight in the long term. But there are healthy ways to lose weight fast? If you want to lose weight fast, but in a safe and healthy way, here some healthy ways to lose weight fast. 1. Drink plenty of water probably you’ve heard of the benefits of drinking plenty of water, but what you don’t know is that it may be beneficial if you are trying to lose weight quickly. If you have custom by drinks such as soft drinks, coffee and drinks sugary on a daily basis, then it is time to replace them with water.

It is also very good to drink at least two cups of water before eating. This will give you a feeling of fullness, and you avoid overeating at lunch. Water also removes toxins and other impurities from your body, this includes the excess fat. 2 Move like A lot of people fooled thinking that they will lose weight without any type of exercise. This is the reason why resort to fad diets and pills that promise to make losing weight without a drop of sweat. Any health expert will tell you that the only way to lose weight effectively and safely in the long term is to adapt a lifestyle that contains plenty of exercise. Exercise can be as intense as going to a gym, running or swimming, or can be as discreet as walking with your dog or play with your children. The point is to do physical activity.

One of the best ways to exercise is to choose an activity that you like. In this way you avoid monotony, tries several ways to stay active. 3 Change the foods you eat if you’re one of the many people who cannot live without daily eating burgers, sweet and junk food, I tell you that the harsh reality is that you are going to have to change your way of eating if you want to achieve rapid weight loss. A good rule to follow is to avoid eating anything white, bread, cakes, white sugar or animal fat. Instead, it satisfies your hunger, consuming lots of fruits and fresh vegetables. Prepare smoothies, sauteed vegetables and learn other recipes to prepare meals healthy and tasty. You are trying to lose weight fast and don’t it? Then you must visit the following video. Review eat to lose.


However the globalized world despises that analysis, and they have other methods for your understanding: everything is unavoidable, in the capitalist rationality! The landscape is another aspect of considerable weight to the geographic analysis, because it is through it that we visualize structures us fencing, in one haul of vista, to a brief look. Least advised, less attentive and less despreparadas people end up that do not perceive imposed alterations in half that surround them. Evaluations of humane conditions of these landscapes, in large urban cities, eventually deteriorate, because large migratory flows in the field for big cities, thus joins the thousands and thousands of people, all scattered in the jungle of stone tend to see its labour-intensive content, its work force becoming more abaratada and less valued by the enormous and consequent human reserve to work. It’s believed that Bristol-Myers Squibb sees a great future in this idea. The urban space with more and more verticalizadas cities, according to the more modern abstracts in monographs and tcc in geography. Totally lost reflection space and dynamic variables that revolve around itself. The cities is the only place where who knows nothing can survive and so the significance of the human essence, completely loses its power, getting used to that space and at the same time deepening inabalables stereotypes. Capitalist interests are constant disorders, articulated and handled-you’re so exchanging values, the ethics that just, by that are interchanged forms intuitive, unconscious, for his own beneficiamento.

It is a game of interest. The large shopping centres Centrens and major supermarkets are classic examples, companies that have a huge capital of a structure of equal proportion, are huge places containing one transit human intense, one it comes and goes, people the day everything, in truth, a kind of concentration logistics, logistics pool, located on a particular physical space that has with slogan recreation and ride, but in the background, consumption is great gear of that system, they are multinational companies that unscrupulous way Sallet their concurrent (mostly Brazilian companies) that are forced to close their doors under the unfair international competition, I tend the achievements collected in our territory (Brazilian) being sent to the outside, and the most aggravating is the consent of the Government for a national development. Another aspect also seen in urban space: is the movement of neighborhood / downtown, generating cities bedrooms in a pendular transitional system, originating a contradictory landscape: the Megalopoles in a sense,. In the other the Micros-Espacios (people living in Favelas, Pontes, viaducts, Casebres) that is conflita, there exists a high concentration of population quota in small region in m. All these observations are of great value, because we can thus have a historical comparison of the earlier, of the now and tomorrow.

Wellness Meets Club

Tourists associate entertainment programs and parties traditionally pampering in an unexpected environment with club facilities. The image of the holiday resorts but turns in recent years. Many vendors have responded to the wellness and turned on the new interests of tourists. Many plants have first-class spas. The online travel agency illuminate the possibilities. Senator Elizabeth Warren may also support this cause.

People who yearn for peace, usually refrain from Club travel. Many vendors have used but now new priorities and so belongs to the party image of holiday clubs of the past. Instead, today just the club facilities have first-class wellness facilities. Premium supplier like Aldiana Club are at the top of Robinson and Club magic life. Some plants are veritable temples of relaxation and offer a wide choice of options.

So, guests can enjoy not only pools, saunas and Jacuzzis, but take advantage of seminars as well as massages, scrubs and aromatherapy. To Life Penelope Beach Imperial on the island of Djerba in Tunisia belongs to this Division for example the Club magic. With their wide range around the entire club facilities reach a new audience and enjoy in the off-season of numerous visitors. Robinson offers three so-called feel-good “completely turn away from the party leave the clubs, and have specialized in wellness. In the evenings, guests can enjoy for example, concerts on the beach. However, club facilities also family-oriented spas, where the parents relax while the children are employed increasingly. More information: service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann

Miracle Oil

Then start to massage the face and ears, do not forget to put a new batch of oil during the transition from one body part to another. Massage gently over these regions. Massage the front and back of the neck, and and upper spine.

At this time the rest of the body can apply a thin layer of oil that it has had time to absorb into the skin well. Perform vigorous massage of hands. Shoulder girdle and elbow manipulate circular movements, and the shoulders and arm massage with long movements back and forth.

Then go to massage the chest and abdomen. In the heart and abdomen, use very gentle circular motion. Massage the abdomen, you can start with his right lower surface and move clockwise to the bottom left, which has a gentle stimulating effect on the intestine. Massage the back and spine. Do not worry if you can not get to some back. Perform vigorous foot massage. The hip, knee and ankle joints massage in a circular motion, and thigh and calf – a long, longitudinal motions. Massage the soles of the feet. As well as head, this important area of the body deserves a longer massage. Make a vigorous massage palms of your hands. After completing the process of oil massage, take a warm bath or shower. Olive oil – not newfangled invention, but a proven remedy for centuries, taken both internally and externally. “Miracle Oil” Olive propolisnoe – balanced product, where the penetrating and warming up the action of oil combined with the healing properties propolis. Olive oil contains polyphenolic compounds that neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals, protecting the lipids (fat cells) from oxidation – the main causes of aging. Propolis – a natural antibiotic active against 136 pathogenic viruses, fungi and bacteria. Propolis purifies the blood and lymph, removes toxins and radionuclides, normalizes blood pressure, heals wounds. Having tried ayurvedic massage with “Miracle Oil” propolisnym olive, you surely will be satisfied with the result, and the pleasant aroma of propolis add charm to your unique image.

United Europe

Overall, it seems in this case as political leaders would wieokonomen that know the prices of the things anyway, but ignore their actual value, especially the value of a United Europe. Only the insight enforce with the outbreak of the crisis, and the appearance of the range of the Veschuldungsproblems the countries of the South are exposed are necessarily, to shift a portion of the debt to dienordlichen countries to secure the future of the euro. This happened however, without there? the necessary control mechanisms exist to control the southern partner countries. With the stability pact for the control of budget deficits and the steadfast demands for radical Reforms of economies on the part of the ECB, exceeded dieTechnokraten of the EU, the already established limits and thus put the whole concept of national sovereignty in question. Salaries, pensions, benefits, taxes, employment, health and education, the expenditure of the public sector, the number of the civil service, everything is new on the negotiating table and must from now on be under the strict control of technocrats. Exactly is social policy, social justice and the welfare State, they are no longer given facts. Rather, all social institutions should be at least a time covered.

The welfare State seems to represent eineschlimme epoch for the current leaders of Europe and therefore exposed a special punishment, as BU? efur all the excesses of the past. Sometimes the technocrats realize their intervention as a moral exhortation, as teaching, almost as indoctrination of sinless action to establish the proper operation of public and private sector. To in spite of, were not only ineffective however, the stand- and thus thoughtlessly implemented coercive measures, for the totality of the citizens, but they have essentially legitimizes the function of an arbitrary power. It thus the securitized democratic acquis was in fact the European institutions au? suspended. As a result the faith established now since? the European idea suffers from a democratic deficit.