Cream, Serum And Fluid – What Are The Differences?

What are the differences between these treatments? In recent years, the cosmetics industry has brought a variety of new and high-quality products on the market. These include active substances and ingredients, which should be inserted in the skin there to maximise their impact. Depending on the active ingredient of a different carrier is required, also, so that the substances can better develop their effectiveness. A cream is in and of itself has long been known. Simple creams, baby creams, all-purpose creams and much more are available under this term. The anti aging cream is one of the specific creams for face care cosmetics for women. It contains active ingredients that will halt premature skin aging, for not quickly to continue the formation of wrinkles. Serum and fluid is a serum, akin to that of many other products, a fluid of high concentration of active ingredients.

It is in contrast to a cream buying fat, but a high concentration of various substances. There is a serum with plenty of moisture, the is used for the dry skin and time so it’s an anti wrinkle serum a serum that is used against skin aging. This is particularly nutritious and therefore represents a small powerhouse in terms of nutrients. This concentration of the active substances in serum ensures that also the effect on the skin is to notice immediately. Skin care serum has the consistency of thin gel and because gel has a high percentage of water, it quickly penetrates into the skin. Only a minimal amount of it is required due to the high concentration of ingredients. A serum, however, is not used as sole skin care product, but always as a complement to the normal skin care. Fluid in the cosmetics industry in principle can a fluid in the facial for all skin types are used.

Usually it is a moisturising fluid or one that has high quality anti aging ingredients similar to as the divine cream. A fluid is as well as a serum an especially high-quality product that can quickly unfold its effect and also show. More and more these products are with enriched organic and high-quality natural fabrics. Organic cosmetics is as important as natural ingredients that have an effect on the natural basis and are therefore not less intense.

So Nuclear

Section natural power as consulting test winner at Stiftung Warentest. So much favour a change of electricity provider nuclear power on natural energy. Power switching: Easy and economical! According to polls, the majority of Germans for a power switching to an ecological or natural energy provider is ready though, but only a small part of it has already changed. In Verivox, a poll revealed more than 75 percent of the “not yet”-natural energy recipients above all fear a higher price when changing power provider. But often natural electricity tariffs are now even cheaper than the standard fare of the previous power supplier. “Also for ForestFinance a competitive price of significance was in addition to the main criteria of climate and environmental” ForestFinance Managing Director Harry Assenmacher. “We have found a reliable partner in terms of eco-electricity with natural energy.” ForestFinance supports the power switching from nuclear power to natural energy has many more Initiatives and measures, such as articles and ads in the corporate media, recommendations and marketing actions. On the corporate website of ForestFinance prospects for more information about ecological and natural power, see…

Nuclear power – and the alternative “Natural AG”: Nuclear power is not only dangerous, but very expensive when taking into account all costs for the mankind. The supposedly “cheap nuclear power” will cost consumers money. So the environmental protection organisation Greenpeace concluded 2010 in a study, that subsidize each kilowatt-hour nuclear power with 4.3 cents. German nuclear power produced so far 12,500 tonnes of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel for which there are no repositories unchanged throughout Europe. Nuclear power is replaced according to the expert in the medium term through renewable energy, more efficient use of power and combined heat and power.

Contrary to the widespread belief, nuclear power is not CO2 free. Mining, processing and enrichment of uranium caused significant amounts of climate-changing greenhouse gases. So Nuclear power has been a worse CO2 footprint than electricity from gas-fired power heat power plants or wind farms today. The natural AG was 1998 by members of environmental groups, including the Federal and NABU, founded. Today, natural energy is among the leading eco power providers with over 150,000 customers. About ForestFinance: The ForestFinance group manages over 3,500 hectares of ecological forest land in Panama and Viet Nam. The company specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. ForestFinance was last year as the world’s first German companies with the “FSC Global Partner Award” awarded in the field of “Financial Services”. You can get with the BaumSparVertrag monthly forest on its own tropical forest investment, for example, from 33 euro. The projected income from the investment is more than eight times of the investment sum, see. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld understood the implications. Additionally, ForestFinance offers several more forest investment. More For information, see

Day Money Of German Banks In The Criticism

German banks go on new touting day funds and current accounts. It’s more than annoying as opaque and the day money offers of many German banks have become little customer-friendly. It seems to be in many cases solely to the new customer performance. Such as when a bad insurance brokers include accounts and nothing else. With the knowledge of the pitfalls when choosing an appropriate day money account, the customer can avoid unpleasant surprises. The cost trap combo ticket offers are currently very popular with very high advertised interest rates. Investors should be concerned that what he really needed. He seeks only a permanently good day money account or a combination package from giro account and money.

For Giro accounts praised in the package be charged partly. Not even to cover the monthly checking fees interest rates range at low investment amount on the day money account. Limited periods also here is to recommend to read all fine print really. It is just over a month the top rate for the day money almost humbug guarantee and then with the lower up to 2% interest rate of bank interest. Interest seasons as well like to be interest squadrons in the conditions.

So it may be that the advertised interest rate applies only up to 5,000 euros to the day money account. Then, it goes with the interest rates again rapidly down. For a long-term capital accumulation and savers, these funds are little profitable. New customers are the customers of tomorrow for new customers only. Similar to class society in the area of the day money customers is built on two one. The new customer receives best conditions and after a few months, he is no longer of interest and is fed up with the meager interest rate. It’s different… The day money offers can be transparent, fair and customer-friendly, prove just the foreign banks. They seem to have recognized the desire of the Germans to permanently high interest for the overnight. A good example is currently the MoneYou day money of the Dutch ABN AMRO. Is to be hoped that the German provider of day money with increasing Konkurrenzam customer after Orient transparent savings accounts.

UNI.DE Meets Webmuseen

Culture-interested students visit studentART starting immediately special museums and UNI.DE refers to targeted art-savvy students exhibition tips with the studentART young artists platform free to publish their works and presenting a broad academic audience no matter whether video, audio, photography or text. Recently the heading is “studentART exhibition tip” to find where the editorial recommends interesting exhibitions, lectures, and gallery openings there. “We particularly appreciate the cooperation with and indicate in regular exchange on special”must-see”- so unusual museums and exhibitions far away from the large Museum mainstream”, so UNI.DE Managing Director Susanne Meixner. is the leading Museum portal in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland and offers a glance into the fascinating world of museums and exhibitions of art and interested in culture as a “digital storefront”. Under the leadership of founder Rainer Gottlinger researched the Web museums editorial in the Museum scene and published a complete list of museums including the special exhibitions.

“As a new partner of UNI.DE is pleased the Web museums team, to facilitate access to cultural diversity in the German-speaking younger generations and will support studentART in this context especially the successful and promising project,” explains founder Rainer Gottlinger. The idea of Web museums established in 1995 on the occasion of a symposium, there were only 23 Museum sites in Germany, pictures had the size of postage stamps. Web museums is thus one of the “Veterans” in the Web. Now the portal presents 12,000 museums has spread in the last 4 years alone as many special exhibitions in Word and image, knows virtually every Museum website and is able to appoint the relevant houses every so offbeat specialty, be it toy bears, cartoons or music machines, as well as all art direction of the Gothic carved altar up to the “We put light art, minimal art”But all us of course is not enough”as GAC, for the future especially on Visual communication, so large-format photo galleries and of course video. And interfaces with other major services like just UNI.DE.” Already working on some promising ideas for expansion of cooperation, art lovers may look towards 2012 in rapt anticipation and enjoy great exhibition tips in the meantime. To the studentART exhibition tip, it goes here: description of the company UNI.DE was founded in 1997 by students and is one of the leading German online platforms around the topics of study, education, international, job and career.

On UNI.DE focuses on services such as free email, free SMS, latest College news, job search, money and finance, views, UNI.DE TV, as well as a shopping portal and a Germany-wide event and location guide. The offer is complemented by cooperation with partners such as monsters, ImmobilienScout24, and ride. Universities inform their activities on daily and present themselves in higher education full page. With the artist platform studentART UNI.DE speaks to targeted art-savvy students and promotes them through regular competitions. UNI.DE was elected as the “best website 2010” in the field of education. PR contact: UNI.DE GmbH Maria Baum shooting Sandoval str. 28 80339 Munich Tel: + 49.89.500 59 585 E-Mail: Web: