Part I the word TO BE of Latin figicare means to park in a place, not to leave it. Thus, the term to be in the current use of our time, represents sufficiently popular, brief, temporary a relationship affective, descompromissado, volatile, and imediatista between the adolescents. The adolescence for same itself finished for gaining a space in the society, where social, ethnic, religious and psychological influences start to have one strong presence in the daily one of the individual. Thus it is frequent to describe the adolescent as an individual in constant conflict, rebel, unconformist, idealist, vanguardista, revolutionary, and as much other nominations. We can reporting in them to century XX, where the adolescent one was the personificao of beauty, youth, freedom, power, intelligence, with fighting and taming spirit. As well as one to be endowed with exacerbados ideals, as well as a ferrenho critic to the social matters.

Outrossim, the adolescence was seen as a period where affective text changes, emotional, of identity, social values, etc. they were very intense. This behavior was approved for the society, that considered the young, a positive instrument for the ressurgimento of changes for the common good. also in the question of the existenciais crises, where diverse changes, ruptures, desestruturao and other sufferings generated in the end, an advance. The call crisis of the adolescence brings as basic significao, the potencializao of the life, the dinamizao of the individual and its world. In contrast of the crises of other ages, as for example, the crisis of the oldness, where the retirement inevitably brings a great damage in a desvitalizao, weakness and same demoralization of the individual. The adolescence is the phase of the great biopsicolgicas and social transformations that will go to give the final finishing of the individual, while one to be desejante. Thus, many are the scientific theories, as the psychoanalysis, the genetic epistemologia, etc., but all they agree where adolescence is the phase of the great conquests and the transformations.

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