Chronic Illness

this percentage is very bigger when the crpticas translocaes are considered, as t (12; 21). imunofenotipagem: The antigen presence of surface in the hematopoticas cells has an important paper in the identification and classification of the ancestry and maturativo state of these cells. The imunofenotipagem was a great advance as disgnostic aid and prognostic and also in the treatment of innumerable hematolgicas illnesses. Treatment (LLA) the objective of the treatment is the remission of the cancer, that occurs when the countings of the peripheral blood and the ssea marrow will be normal. The acute leukemia linfide is dealt with a combination of anticancerous drugs (chemotherapy). The initial chemotherapy (induction) can require the three six weeks of hospitalization, while the subsequent sessions of chemotherapy can ambulatorialmente be managed. If the counting of linfcitos will be very low, to prevent the exposition the infectious agents, can be necessary measures of isolation.

When remission is reached, manages chemotherapy and/or x-ray in the espinal column with the purpose to treat any leucemic cell that has invaded the espinal fluid. The subsequent sessions of therapy aim at to prevent the fallen again one. The transplant of ssea marrow, after the administration of high doses of chemotherapy, is the treatment of option for the cases that had fallen again or they had not answered to other treatments. CHRONIC LEUKEMIA MIELIDE (LMC) Is a mieloproliferativa illness clonal resultant of the malignant transformation of a hematopotica cell-trunk pluripotente, that it involves the ancestries mielide, eritride, megacarioctica, linfcitos b and the times linfcitos T. Generally present slow growth.

It tends to occur in aged adults and, and the acometimento of children is rare. The symptoms for each type of leukemia vary, but common symptoms include fever and calafrios, sudorese, frequent fatigue, infections, loss of weight and appetite, bruises or bleed easy, air lack, ssea and lumbar pain. Phases of the Illness Chronic Phase: initial phase, with clonal expansion mielide, presenting leucocitose with all the maturation phases. duration of 3-4 years.

Kid Something

We are what they are – fat, thin, high, low and Andrei Kovalev knows that we can not blame, yes, we leave the resort and there kutim to loss of pulse, nothing can be done – by other us- taught, and we do not know how. We wake in the morning, and we kind of embarrassing, but it’s just before breakfast (at best – before lunch), yet failed to undergo treatment and are not. And away the soul to heaven. But where else in the world you will find generous fathers and husbands in the summer rest? – Kid, you won that wool rug? Please! And you won that car, nothing that she eighteenth you? Grab! How not corny, but two lives do not happen, not me, and not the author of this came up. Yes, it turns out that for holiday for the man to pay up to, during, and after a bit of it (this is for those who are not lucky or unlucky). And the gifts that we carry from a holiday – a separate issue, separate tragicomedy, but this will not.

Andrei Kovalev – he clear, has his own, he lives in the same country and city, if and sees something blackish, the ernichaet over him, knowing that all have their advantages and disadvantages. Life is good in that it is, in principle, the joy of the process and to what do you have – that this can be unsightly, the philosophy of Andrei Kovalev. This is not a call to live, but the proposal to look at life from a different angle: to enjoy the small, not to miss a lot. I was able to see rehearsal mono-play ‘two lives is not’ – it’s really fun and bright. Now – going to the premiere. But less than a year, from the moment that was released on ‘The day is full of life’, where the hall sometimes sobbing and moaning with laughter and recognition of themselves, the author goes further into the mountain. His favorite spectator and give him food for thought, he returns to the audience and something thoughtful, something that looked and in itself, and perhaps made its findings in its own estimated life. Two lives do not exist, just as there is a bad holiday, because apart from ourselves, in this and no one to blame. It is true after all? Admit it.

Child Family

A weekend – short break is a break from everyday life and leisure strengthens the family ties, family time is – if one parent or both in full-time work, it is often not easy common time to find. An alternative to the long family vacation in the summer can be a long weekend or a short trip with the kids in nature, at the lake or in the mountains. So that each family member can pursue its own interests during the short trip, so called family or children’s hotels for such short trips are a possible focal point. They provide care for children and give parents time for relax. The young can take the care and entertainment, while parents extensive hikes and walks to explore the landscape or perceive the spa services. For the short trip with the family, it is not necessary far to go, Germany the opportunity matching for this perfectly.

Whether on the beach at the East or North Sea, in the mountains of Bavaria or in the beautiful Panorama of the central uplands, Germany offers many excursion areas in different landforms. It is important to ensure that there are enough employment opportunities for the children in the area. In many family hotels, also find offers for singles with child, in which the daily childcare in the price is included. A holiday on the farm short destination suitable for the whole family. The possibility for the children with untouched nature in contact is positive to come and to experience native animals. Here some hours are offered during the holiday season child care, so that parents can find recreation.

The rest of the vacation can be planned according to your own requirements and designed. Also short journey – arrangements that close to a leisure park are popular with many families. These include entry to the park for the entire family. The prices are often including meals. Ticket prices for the second day are often discounted, it is worth sometimes a second day to spend in the Park. A weekend short break is a change from the routine and strengthens the family ties. On, the specialists for short travel offer deals can be found for every family.

Pediatric Audiology

In our HorCentren we offer solutions for people of all ages, as well as for the entire spectrum of hearing damage – even in the field of implantable hearing aids”, says Doris Vercelli. A task that is especially to the heart is the advice of impaired children and their parents. In addition to qualified employees, you need for this purpose a Special repertoire of methods, suitable premises and above all much peace and time. The more we glad to have created an institution which meets these requirements exactly in an excellent way our children HorCentrum.” The children HorCentrum is located in the Dieckmann Street 6-10 in 48161 Munster – phone: (02 51) 53 95 91 10, fax: (02 51) 53 95 91 11. The HorCentrum Munster find continue at the following locations: HorCentrum hammer Street: Hammer Strasse 6, 48153 Munster, telephone: (0251) 520 92 72, fax: (0251) 520 94 99. HorCentrum Westphalia road (including stop-implant-centrum): Westphalia road 156a, 48165 Munster, telephone: (02501) 922 99 30 Editorial Note: the HorCentrum is located in the hammer Street 6 in the Centre of Munster, in Westphalia road 156a (Munster Hiltrup) and Dieckmann Street 6-10 (Munster Gievenbeck). Doris Vercelli, the Managing Director of HorCentren, supply of hearing and other audiological products from leading manufacturers, hearing care for children, advice on tinnitus and noise sensitivity offers a comprehensive service for good listening, including hearing aid fitting with State of the art measurement technology, together with their employees. The HorCentren, to which also the stop implant Center on the site Hiltrup as well as the children HorCentrum at the site Gievenbeck, solutions for people of all ages, as well as for the entire spectrum of hearing damage.

Hearing care professional champion Doris Vercelli is a proven expert on advanced hearing aid technology and also has many years of experience in the care of impaired children, young people and adults. She was five years acoustician in the Department of Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology of the Westfalische Wilhelms Universitat Munster and was responsible for many hearing aid adjustments in children by implementing all the relevant hearing tests up to the regular check-ups. Another eight years Doris Vercelli worked as a product manager at the hearing aid manufacturer GN ReSound, where she performed in particular product training for hearing care professional and ENT clinics in the entire Federal territory.