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My JogStyle are tips against the autumn Blues it is autumn and many people a feeling low is without further ADO. The inner pig dog seems to have adopted even in hibernation. The good news: In the cold and dark seasons can and must you even really spoil yourself. There are actually only three magic words that make the autumn Blues masters: movement, relaxation, (healthy) diet. My JogStyle brings light into the darkness back with some tips. The immune system in swing must be brought in a good mood and healthy to survive the fall. Missing light, cold temperatures, and many erkaltete people challenge your body.

When changing from summer to autumn, it is even more important than usual to supply the body with sufficient vitamin C and other nutrients. Fresh fruit and vegetables must be on the meal plan that strengthens the immune system and improves the mood. Even if the fall not just to invites to play sports in the fresh air: daily at least half an hour in the great outdoors for a walk or jog, increases inner well-being. The perfect motivational-coach is the JogStyle of the Omron. The practical tool measures the number of steps taken and the associated energy and calories burned during running training or in everyday life. They brought only 3000 steps behind him after a day’s work: from to out there and run another round! It is too cold or too dark, which can Dodge to a gym, the swimming pool or the home-trainer, athletic to press. Contrast showers, saunas and baths are a treat for body and soul.

Punishing cold air like missing light skin and hair anyway you must yourself particularly much care in the fall? For each, there is the best good-mood-recipe against the autumn Blues: bright and friendly colors in the clothing or cosy home, a visit to friends or a good book in the evening, cuddly hours on the couch or the comfortable walking the dog. Exercise, fresh air and relaxation give no chance the autumn Blues. There are all the information about the JogStyle and many more tips on health, running sports and co. online on. (Picture: Shestakoff – Company profile: OMRON healthcare was founded in Kyoto in 1933 and is now a leading manufacturer of sensory systems and technologies in the health care market. The German subsidiary OMRON Medizintechnik with continuous innovations has successfully established itself for 35 years. Cutting-edge technologies, interpreted for accurate measuring technology for easy, intuitive operation, expose the Omron products not only for professionals but also for general use.

Your Hair

Ideas may be different, including the absolutely fantastic. The main thing that you get pleasure from it. But if you same supporter of classics, here a huge amount of options. Beautiful hair can be created from the hair of any length. For short hair can make hair volume, not requiring complex elements. Can use elements of corrugation, to separate the individual strands.

Medium length hair and long as you can gather up into a beautiful hairstyle (which, incidentally, visually lengthens the neck), and laid in loose curls (straight or hair – to select only those you). If you have short hair, but you madly want to be on their wedding day they have long curls, then this is not a problem. To date, there is an opportunity to do hair with the use of artificial hair. Matched only by your hair color and properly laid a competent foreman, they did not differ from your .Esche one important nuance! To Your , . For example, chubby ladies better to prefer elongated hair, but the girls with the face of the diamond shape on the contrary stands to make hair, body in the ear. The bride, with the face square, you need to choose something softer: curls, curls, braid, braid fringe shape. But the owners of the oval face the most fortunate – it suited almost everything.

You can also experiment with a bang, you may have a very interesting solution. Let's talk about a very enjoyable and interesting – about the accessories of wedding hairstyles. They now there is a huge set, and they are able to turn her hair into something truly special and unique. Of course, the indisputable classics of the veil remains. But besides her, there are many different solutions: rhinestones, flowers, colorful strands, ribbons, tiaras, wraps, original pins and barrettes, jewelry from real hair. It remains only to choose what suits you. Perhaps it's vibrant colors woven into the braid, or an extravagant multi-colored feathers, and can hoop studded with rhinestones, this worthy Queen! Choose the most beautiful hairdo! Marry! And be happy!

Healthy Diet May Extend Life

Know it all, few do it and many search for alternatives, we live in a constantly aging society. The desire of many people is to be therefore not only old, but to be healthy. This is understandable and comprehensible. However most of us received not just health. We must do something for this. For example, by a healthy diet.

Because everyone knows it: fruits and vegetables are healthy. There is no particular surprise, if always is found in various studies that can be with sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables promote heart health, prolongs the life of even. If it so no question is that fruits and vegetables good for your health, then remains only the question of why so few truly healthy diet and whether there are any alternatives. A recently published study from Finland has shown the positive effect of fruit and vegetables on the health of very impressive. Already from three servings of fruits and vegetables every day he is noticeable. Eight servings a day can the risk of coronary heart disease to die to 22% lower.

Who for example, manages to eat daily eight apples, must worry about his health from a nutritional standpoint. Unfortunately very few people do it. Even the three servings of fruits and vegetables every day at least to achieve a small health effect, are a permanent challenge for many. Recent statistics show that daily consumption of fruits and vegetables per Germans just corresponds to an Apple. The consumption of fruit and vegetables must increase significantly. Unfortunately, the opposite is the case according to the Association of fruit and vegetable traders. Fruit and vegetable consumption falls in Germany. And that has nothing to do with the current discussion to do EHEC. This is a nasty long term development. Against the background of this negative development, it is necessary to alternatives to think as long as the consumption of fruit and vegetables is equivalent to not meet the health requirements.

Dresdner Bank

OP-Marathon must survive six so that he can get running to Munich. Jonny Drubig from Leipzig came with incorrectly formed hip and greatly shortened thigh bone to the world. He could neither sit nor run. Thanks to multiple the age of six has grown well operations that were financed through donations to the German life bridge. Jonny parents would not pay the expensive treatments.

“We were very surprised and happy with the help of many,” says Jonny mother Sandra Drubig. Jonny learned to run after the first surgery and go even without prostheses. But his diseased bone may not grow in the wrong direction. To prevent this, the American specialist Dr. Dror Paley Jonny operated again together with Dr.

Sean Nader, the Chief of Pediatric orthopaedics at the treatment centre Vogtareuth on March 2, 2010. Without the surgery, there is the danger that Jonny can no longer go. After the five-hour procedure, the brave boy must spend six long weeks in a bed of gypsum. This is a hard time for Jonny and his parents, but then he will learn to walk again. Sandra Drubig is grateful for the donations: “We are very glad that we could give our son the treatment and save a life in a wheelchair or lying to him.” Also Dr. Nader is confident: “the bones are by this operation grow better, but not normal. We will need to perform later a few operations. But the tendons grow normally. He is able to run, and probably even very good. “Jonny itself has a major goal in mind: on his first day of school in August he would run without dentures and help.” Is the third surgery in the autumn, because then, Dr. Paley must again correct the leg. But the support of the American specialist is costly. Jonny is dependent on your donations. Now the little Jonny with fundraising and moral support for three years the German life bridge accompanied before and after the operations. Much has been made, but the goal has not been reached. More operations must be financed. Please help, that Jonny can run as an adult without help. Commerzbank, Dresdner Bank / donations: German life bridge account. 300 100 300 BLZ 700 800 00 key word Jadeja

Lisa Neumann University

Psychosomatic disorders increase good school grades are today more than ever a must. But even a good testimony, not one hundred percent guarantees a job. And all the world but slowly anyway about climate change underlying. Trials and tribulations of the youth of today are varied and often difficult to access. The number of those who can no longer withstand the strain increases with the increasing pressure. As the news portal reported, these problems often expressed in psychosomatic complaints. The biggest hurdle for the treatment is the correct diagnosis. Doctors suspect often organic causes for unexplained headaches, abdominal pain, or back pain in adolescents.

Just for youth and pediatricians is therefore much necessity in the acquisition of appropriate skills. Often, the simple question of whether the pain affect the rest of the night, would already suffice to uncover psychosomatic causes. In addition, it is necessary that to doctors of their special role as Confidant of adolescents become aware and more attention to non-verbal communication. Because often target young people do not have the deep ersitzenden reasons. In addition, that is health ( gesundheit.html) of young people in the average General has deteriorated. Every third of them considered already chronic ill, which is also a more psychological distress. While there are efforts among physicians already reinforced, is to familiarize with the theme, but this can only be a first step. Because the incidence of psychosomatic-related pain symptoms in young people is rising steadily. More information: ../jugend-voller-kopfschmerz/1/ contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Ketosis During The Low-carb Diet

An enzyme defect is responsible, if in some people the glucose in the brain can be burned incompletely Bruchsal January 11, 2010 – is suspected, that the ketosis takes a positive influence on the activity of brain cells, for example in epilepsy patients during the low-carb diet. The cellular respiration in the brain is increased if instead of glucose (= sugar = carbohydrates are transformed in the body into sugar) ketone bodies must be burnt to produce energy from the body. An enzyme defect is responsible if the glucose in the brain can be burned incompletely in some people. There is also the possibility that no sufficient amount of glucose in the brain arrives at these people and the so-called glut 1 defect is responsible. Dr. Jorg reported Klepper (pediatrician) from the children’s Hospital in Aschaffenburg, Germany already several years ago in a magazine of resounding successes.

“His study: 94 percent of patients (glut 1 defect) with ketogener food” were of epileptic Free spells. A ketogenic diet (nutrition) is a reduced carbohydrate, protein, and high fat diet. Are no carbohydrates (sugar, all food from flour, potatoes, rice, sweet fruit, milk sugar) more flow, the body must seek other energy sources and that is the fat. This is a very good source of energy for muscles. As there are more now any carbohydrates in the body, the body converts fat into ketone bodies.

It’s called ketosis. Ketone bodies have a hunger nursing effect! “” There are many scientific studies that prove that the bad cholesterol LDL “drops and the good cholesterol HDL” increases. Also the blood glucose level remains within the optimum range. Company information: Jutta Schutz is author/writer/journalist/teacher/psychologist.

Childrens Hospital Dortmund

Together with “People for children”, the Dortmund Company obtains new youth room with computer and game console from Dortmund, Germany, December 17, 2009. The ComLine AG has donated a fully equipped PC, and a game console with different movement and Sports Clinic for Pediatrics and youth medicine of the Klinikum Dortmund. Thus, the Dortmund company supports the renovation of the children’s cancer ward and makes a contribution to a new youth room. ComLine donates each year to the initiative people for children”and has invested this year in consultation with the Organization a portion of money in the project of the children’s Hospital. Stephen Schilling, CEO of ComLine AG, head of child and adolescent medicine, Prof. Dr.

Dominik Schneider, as well as the Deputy Head of the game Island, Susanne Dobbelmann, presented before local computer and console with all necessary accessories. Prof. Dr. Schneider is pleased: “with the new game console get our small patients not just movement but have fun too. This is the best medicine.” For ComLine was it important to be able to support a local project with a donation. “As the Dortmund company the region is our of course very close to the heart. And if we can make a joy then children, this is doubly nice”, explains Stephen Schilling.

First Teeth

The time when a child gets his first teeth, is often connected to sleepless nights and a test of patience for the parents. The timing of teething can unfortunately not predict and is different from child to child. The children then usually with two half years have the full set of teeth with 20 primary teeth. Teething is often not very easily designed in children. Every adult can experience imagine, it must be uncomfortable for the little ones, considering how painful it feels itself a gum infection. The first teeth are usually the two front incisors in the lower jaw. Breaking through the milk tooth starts frequently from the sixth month. The first tooth or first teeth visible, is another tooth added every month.

Notes that the breaking of the teeth is imminent from the third month start hidden teeth in the jaw upwards or downwards relapsing to grow. Is the breaking of the first teeth before, the gum is swollen and many babies repeatedly chewing on her fingers around and may cause increased salivation. The children are often cranky and sleep poorly and have hot, reddened cheeks. Because the immune system can be weakened during this time, slight fever occurs in some children, or the children are more vulnerable to flu. Some children may also react with diarrhea on teething and some children can remember to almost nothing. There are so-called teething rings made of soft rubber extra tips on how you can help the child teething In the trade for babies. You can place it in the refrigerator and give it to the child.

Many children feel the cold as pleasant and soothing. Also it upsets on the teething ring to chew blood circulation and can help to break the teeth. Some children do not accept the teether, in this case, you can try a Decorticated piece of carrot in the fridge. Otherwise, it can help even if you even the gums Her baby massage with your finger. To keep the clothes dry, they should bind to a bib her child during the teething phase, because just now much saliva is produced. After consulting with the pediatrician also gels as the Dentinox can be massaged a gel gently N teething gel or the Kamistad baby with the finger on the gums. Also homeopathic remedies such as Osanit globules, Escatitona teething drops or Nisia No. 9 can be tested. The life tip to kill babies with teething troubles with an amber necklace is not scientifically proven pure matter of faith and the effect. Generally you should create still no chains infants, so that they be not strangled. Health information, as well as the Advisor see.

Healthiest Sport

Swimming keeps and protects the joints. A swimming pool in the garden is no longer a luxury long. The pool is not only fun, swimming promotes health. With the physical properties of the water, swimming is one of the healthiest sports that there are. Because every movement in the water demand more physical exertion than on the air, a higher energy sales is generated and this promotes the calorie consumption. Also the heart circulatory system and lung function are trained by regular swimming.

The blood vessels that lie just under the skin, are pressed together by the high water pressure on the body and push the blood back towards heart. The body is only one-seventh in the water as hard as on land and the buoyancy protects above all the joints. Improve the lung function and lung volume. This leads to a smoother breathing rhythm in regular swimming. Because many people lack the time to the regular visits of the swimming pool, is the own Swimming is becoming more popular. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor pool in the garden. Thanks to the advanced technology of the swimming pool, the construction of a swimming pool is now feasible for every homeowner.

In Germany, the outdoor swimming pools must be covered but at night. The nights are so cold, having an open swimming pool heat loss of up to 10 degrees. A special pool cover keeps the energy in the water and it the ongoing energy costs can be reduced up to 70%. Also who like long trains is not wrongly advised with a pool. Through the use of a counter-current, an endless swimming even in small pools can be simulated. Not only the most famous Schwimmstile such as breast or backstroke, crawl, or dolphin, also the various forms of aqua fitness can be performed at home. The motto of the aqua fitness is basically perform all exercises in the gym in the water. Jogging, steppe or dumbbells press must have that the muscles do more work the advantage in the water without taxing joints. Through the greater resistance coordination and mobility promoted as strength, endurance. Different variants of aqua fitness to promote blood circulation, the cardio vascular system and the physical and mental health. A not insignificant part of this should be fun. With the many different ways of the aqua fitness is something for every style of sports. Of martial arts movements, or weight training, jogging and stitch, to dance and stretching exercises, everything is represented. Specially for children, there is nothing better than to splash around in the water. Parents should take advantage of this joy and as often as possible an opportunity to children to exercise one of the healthiest sports.