Game and toy as an engine of development in the child from 0 to 3 months. At this stage the game will help us to develop the prerequisites of communication, which are three: cenestesica sensitivity, perceptive and expressive capabilities and rhythms and scheduled time. The primary expression of the cenestesica sensitivity is body contact (the mother with the newborn) which marks a tonic dialogue. It’s an emotional harmony, that will be necessary to communicate on another level than merely the transmission of messages. Margaret Bullowa stated thereon that the communication we have given too much importance to the code, to the details of transmission and reception, but that not we had passed by the minds that in communication there is other things that make reference to their global properties and that make it possible.

The latter concern more to be in communication with who and how to communicate. The second prerequisite are the children’s receptive and expressive capabilities involving vision and hearing. The first is the ignition switch, preamble to a (possible) interaction; the second is the processor of the tonal and rhythmic background that surrounds all communication. It must be borne in mind that any kind of visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile perception that the child has of people will start its expressive manifestations because the child’s perceptual system is integrated to its system of action. A third prerequisite are neonatal rhythms, i.e., the scheduled temporary which characterized several of the toddler behaviors. Food suction is particularly interesting because, unlike the breathing or heart rhythms, it is an activity a Duet between the creature and the mother. K. Kaye (1982) has made a microanalysis of the same showing how to insert psychological communication function in a purely biological function (power) and after analyzing the duration of breaks and the conduct of mothers during the same, discovered that those learn to adjust the optimal pause time so the child continue their food.

Walker Parents

Schuaima is the dreamlike Kingdom (if it can be called so) Aniquirona, and Alexander de Brucco is Explorer, traveling salesman, Walker, the hermit. In his humble vision, sometimes feels a writer, sometimes he believes to be the man who draws a few lines, when in the background know perfectly well that it is only a tool, a filter where come from the things that they want and need to narrate the human atmosphere. John q: What is the strongest of your childhood memories? Tell me a little about her. Whatever you want. Winston: My childhood still has not ended. Adults hate that stage of life, complain about him, of immaturity and stupidity children flying.

I do not understand that the ages, the seven ages of man. For me there is a present perpetual, perennial; I am all ages and all times, also all the spaces. I have an image that is recurrent. Perhaps makes 34 Suns land, lived with my parents in a two-story house. We habitabamos the second. MOM and dad were newlyweds. My brother still not born, so I gather that I did not exceed six. I snoozed in the middle of the two (destroys all child at that age erotic sets of their parents).

Next to the bed, he rested a pot. From that moment, I’ve been pierced by esotericism, magic, occultism. Since I use the reading of what was written (the human code that tries to represent the world) I have devoured all kinds of texts, books and anthologies that I talk about those big posesos, initiated and illuminated. Do not think me one of them, I’m just an apprentice of words, a man who knows his limitations because it has still not renounced the hubbub of the world. Juan p.: when arrives the poetry for the first time in your life and you gave has your way were the letters? Winston: I was a child of separated parents.

Buenos Aires

Ruth was born in a Jewish family. Four years older than her brother was always the favourite of his mother. Everything that the did was cause for celebration and adulation. On the other hand Ruth never listened to a greeting or a word of praise or a loving kiss. It was useless what he did for his liking. Nothing was important enough for his mother and give her a loving gesture. From very small she noticed this difference and was always like a cross that led to steep. A cross that no doubt, felt very heavy.

His father was a man wearing a double life. He had a family in Buenos Aires and the other in La Pampa and not paid them much attention never. He spent very little time with them and with his wife and that time was not just something very rewarding, because that pungent humour both to dent in the two children. I also used to get drunk often and when he returned from his spree by airs revoleaba everything what was in their path, including their children if stood on the road, by which the two used locked in the room to not have to endure it. Liked his brother equally physics than chemistry.

More than liking, arguably they such you. Used to do experiments on the instructions of a book and sometimes caused little damage, but his mother never bothered and never punished by them, was always a justification to excuse it. When was she that did something wrong, however small that was the thing, deserves a punishment. It is not that the mother hit her, he never used physical force, unless in very sporadic form a chirlo or a slap, but it prevented him from playing with their favorite toys, see programs that continued daily by television or go play at the House of a friend.


It is not essential to performing large actions and sacrifices to share a bit of generosity and well-being with others. A small action, positive and concrete, addressed to offer our help and support to others, may be enough to soften their lives and illuminate our. There are people who think that they do not have anything to give, because their resources are limited. But the money is easier than contribute, anyone can make a check and think as well that it has contributed; When, in fact, more valuable and difficult to deliver is quality time to share joy, affection, support and experience, knowledge experience shows us that those people who assist or provide some type of service to others, because they are in a condition or situation greater limitation and necessity, increase the self-confidence, self-esteem and appreciation for life. When we are able to recognize and value each of essential gifts which we have received throughout life, we experience the gratitude that drives us to share with others how much or how little we have. Paradoxically, it often happens that we help others in those areas in which we are underserved and needy. We can live without selfishness. Let us work for the collective well-being.

We do not alberguemos selfish thoughts that only seek to satisfy personal interests at the expense of the sacrifice of others; well this is the safely go toward pain. Let’s wait and begin to give. Dispose ourselves to provide support, through a Word, a gesture, a detail or a generous action aimed at smoothing the life or the moment of another person. There are few things as satisfying as the do something good by others, especially when others are unknown. Contribute with your ingenuity and willingness. Put your grain of sand, your effort! It participates and joins the efforts of other people. Encourage us to share a little more, each day; We will feel much happier, allowing us to experience the feeling of fullness and fullness that produces give without expecting!

Kramatorsk Office Center Glory

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The Paradox Of Labour

Today is May 1 and festive: celebrate the labour day. Normally the festivities in the calendar come to sanctify (religious or laicamente) to persons, institutions or events of great importance and significance to the entire collectivity, preserving them annually in its historical memory. No doubt the work is it. But, why?. Yes, why?. Is work a desired good? or is it more of an imposed necessity?. In my opinion, if the work is a desired good nobody would play the lottery. It would all live without the obligation of having to work to make a living and thus able to devote our time to what apeteciese us, including labour, if truly we apeteciese.

I.e. work has always served as a determinant of that part of the freedom of man referred to the use and enjoyment of their time, which can reach only buying it with money and to have it must work. And here does not leave the working, such and as we now understand it, it is not inherent or innate to human beings. Work is rather, a temporary circumstance in the young history of mankind and the consequence of the current state of the gradual process of development of the man on Earth: what we now need to live we must produce and in both not come (to arrive, even though I don’t know when) to a level of development that allow machines to it do almost everythingWe will have to follow in the Tagus. Does anyone imagine our society in the year 3,000 where people collect oranges, fix cars or fill us income tax return?. What painful expectation of development!. Culture idiosyncratic that, in every age, has defined the peoples is something so powerful that it arrives to set the minds of its members, leaving less them possibility of analysis and reflection. Admit that labour is a right is to give back to a reality that most well positioned as a duty.

Rights to exercise them or not at will, but on the duties do not have any ability to choice. We want something (the Work) that, when we have it, we hate it and when we lose it, long for it. There is no greater paradox!. Friends, we must work, it is true, because we don’t have another remedy, which does not mean that the work (well managed rationally and emotionally in our lives) can be source of satisfaction and personal enrichment (and not only material), as I have already argued out elsewhere on this Blog. The work, therefore, has secure expiration date in the history of mankind, and when this happens to our descendants with certainty not will them worry until a holiday on their calendar since then now all will be what Antonio j.

Ironic Destination

People whom they needed to meet, kill the homesickness that the much time seemed hidden but, come tona. Looks are changed, and at these small moments some words are said. as if the night if disclosed unusual, an emotional overturn happens and all the ones that seemed to be with the control on the most diverse situations. Now they meet in the perpetual quandary. ‘ ‘ it is the things are not more as antes’ ‘. At last as in any thing all dumb one.

What it finally needed the much time to be seen happened. Making with that the reality came tona. the sensation of being able was lost one more time. Now with real tests, and sights by rough estimate naked. At last quandaries, things of the destination, that allows in them to think. no matter how hard the feeling lasts and the pride seem to be stronger than we. The reality beats our door, and of the one skill of showing in them that what perishes, nor always it is. that the control on a person can be lost in one to blink of eyes.

Stanford University

In the Decade of the sixties, the Austrian who lives in United States, Walter Mischel carried out from Stanford University a famous longitudinal study with preschool children four years of age, who raised a simple dilemma: should I leave now and will come back within twenty minutes. If you want to, you can eat this treat, but if you wait for me again, I’ll give you two. Then left them by themselves with candies, and faced with the difficult task of having to decide. Indeed, some guys (one third), endured not one minute and ate candy once W.Mischel was leaving the room; However other (two-thirds of the children), preferred to wait to get a better reward: two goodies. Something drew attention to the team of experimenters, and was the way in which children who endured the twenty minutes, sobrellevaron the wait: some turned to not having to see the treat, some opted to sing or play to be distracted, and there were even those who tried to go to sleep. All strategies that they wanted to avoid being continually confronted with the hard dilemma which had exposed them.

Mischel, he waited fourteen years, followed those same guys who already were around twenty, and discovered that children who had been able to wait without eating candy, to which he returned and thus have two, were now young people who better controlled his emotions, more sociable, determined and constant; entrepreneurs and more successful academically. However, the impulsive that they could not wait, and it had eaten his candy until he returned, were then less bright young people with tendency to demoralize face any difficulty, with a low self-esteem and low frustration thresholds. For those children, which proposed them Mischel turned out to be a challenge in all rule, which generated them an intense internal debate: the impulse to eat one tempting sweets, against the desire to contain in order to enjoy in the future (20 minutes) two goodies.

Nursing Scientific

Humanistic value of nursing decade after decade, nursing has become more sensitive to the implementation of the human needs in the health care field and has achieved this way more creativity in meeting these needs, as well as more objectivity in the analysis of their efforts and professional goals. Nursing is a dynamic profession and the practice of this occupation is in constant change. The assumption that nursing is an innate to any woman art, has hindered the development of a concept of nursing as a profession over the years. It currently has an organized set of knowledge and requires own specialized skills. Today, from our days nursing involves very special qualities. Requires create and build a constantly evolving profession permanently.

Accurate psychic force to maintain against the pain of others. Critical imagination to adapt the organisation of health services environment flattering people care. Therefore, demand a preparation and a scientific, technical and human talent to teach and to help meet the needs of care of each individual as being unique and incorporated into your environment, the family and the community. In recent years, professional nursing has advanced with decision to become a scientific discipline, has begun to create and submit their own theoretical bases to test. To the academic development of persons engaged in the professional field and apply their own theory to practice using this to enrich that.

While the progress made to achieve the systematic control of his own experience has been slow and he has not been achieved permanently, has begun to emerge a clear picture of scientific development that this profession must reach. Nursing is a profession that draw attention to healthy man or sick, the family and the community as unit den environment biosocial and biopsiquico, what It involves the relationship of scientific knowledge and practice, aimed at these aspects. As part of the medical sciences is supported by different laws of nature and society, to meet the basic health needs of the human being as a single entity and how to be social, which is considered its object of study.