Prepare, check and correct exams. Prepare summaries of face-to-face events, which will be transmitted to the students who did not attend. Review the lists of students and establish a first contact. Recommend the follow-up of ongoing evaluation to students. 4 Tutor: you will be responsible for the supervision of the student throughout his career, its basic functions will be: you will be assigned a small group of students for guardianship.

Personally guide the student and ensure its good academic performance. To the student guide and advise on materials or alternative work plans. Attend examinations as support staff for the normal functioning of the same. Analyzing the academic results of each student. Track the pace of study, preparation of work, participation in ongoing assessments, etc. propose improvements to the educational system to the professor.

Develop messages of encouragement to prevent dropouts of students. 5? Author of the study material: the elaboration of the study material may be carried out by the Coordinator of the subject, by teachers who impart it, or even by a third person who is qualified to do so. This preparation will go through: identify modules. Inventory chapters or courses which form modules. An inventory of agendas which formed chapters or courses. Appreciate the degree of importance, and the degree of difficulty attributed to each course module. Determine the order and duration of the various modules, courses or subjects. Choose the Basic, complementary and reinforcing bibliography. Develop self evaluation and ongoing evaluation exercises. Prepare the database and projects of pilot activities. Determine evaluation criteria of the subjects. Develop and disseminate the methodology to be followed. IV.1 the study guide and your framing system designed according to the NICTs then have the items above is passed to the planning of activities that will have as a study guide that will constitute a Hyperdocument that will consist of as many parts as you want, so give all your internal and external of the subject so as to guarantee the achievement of the objectives of the discipline and the model document rector Professional in general where it taxed, taking into account the interrelation of subjects 2.

Play Guitar Online

The guitar is a feeling for many people, a deep feeling; the glow of the instrument dances between the fingers of the people and the referral to measure body than the (ACE) Internet users discover guitar courses and learn to play the guitar with Guitar 2000. This is a blog that specializes in the teaching of basic techniques, theories, demonstrations and others, thanks to a revolutionary academic method based on three main levels: Beginner, medium and advanced. You who read this article may choose your pace of learning and adjusted to the ability that creates convenient. The website is organized and has the necessary links to the understanding of various topics related to the guitar. Maybe this is the most popular instrument of all and which is taught with more frequency. Its adaptability, shape and sonority are widely known in the whole world, and his presence in a variety of musical styles, not to say that at all, it is unquestionable.

In addition, manuals and guides for study for the improvement of the techniques are becoming more specialized (ACE) and tend to opt for situation a special type or level. There are guitar courses for children, adult, young adult, in the end. There are courses of guitar that are based on the interpretation of various themes; There are a few more that they choose to follow certain notes and chords point to continue with the lessons. Whatever the shape of the course you choose, we dare to say that in this web site is the ideal choice for multiple advantages. The student or the student’s guitar have the possibility of walking at your own pace. Classes are didactic and very easy to understand for all kinds of people.

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New Year In History

Who invented the New Year? Many of us do not even think about it. We are accustomed to celebrating it every year and look forward to this cheerful, old-fashioned celebration that brings joy to our house and a lot of gifts. And he enjoyed, regardless of age. New Year – a holiday that unites people who are forgotten in all the turmoil and trouble. The custom of New Year celebrations originated in Mesopotamia, was associated with the spring rebirth of nature and celebrated in March. From that day began with all the major events was forbidden to administer the courts and to work within 12 days. Since then go custom on New Year's gift to each other all kinds of gifts and souvenirs.

In the 14th century Russian Grand Duke John V. III formally approved the decision to consider the start date of New Year on September 1. The reason for this was that on this day in Russia collecting all taxes, quit-rent and other existing at the time taxes. Last September 1 New Year celebrated in 1698. In 1699 Peter I issued a decree set a new date for New Year celebrations – it's Jan. 1, ie, the most cherished number, which makes already on the eve of fight our hearts in joyful excitement and forget about all the problems. Already in 1605 the French were first dressed green beauty, adorned with flowers out of colored paper, apples and biscuits.

Although the veneration of a Christmas tree, as a symbol of protection of the home from evil spirits, there was a Germanic tribes long before the adoption of Christianity. This tradition spread to Germany first and then gradually throughout Europe. Initially, Simple Christian tree is a luxury, so only the wealthy nobles and merchants could afford it. Only in the second half of the XIX century, a Christmas tree has become available for the luxury of ordinary people. In addition to the trees and decorated with pine and cherry trees. In the early years of the Soviet Union to celebrate Christmas and decorate the Christmas tree was forbidden. But already in 1935 organized the first Christmas party, which was also a Christmas green beauty. After that legitimized the New Year celebrations. The first Christmas ball was made of the 4th century glassblowers ago. A mass production of glass Christmas decorations began only in the middle of last century. New Year's Eve 2010 – the largest holiday of the year, which was eagerly awaits each of us, especially children. To no one is left unattended for a holiday gift would be a nice virtual Christmas cards, which are at least forced to smile you love the person. A New pictures will help you prepare for the holiday with the decorative side. Therefore, it is great that such a holiday there and gives us joy and merriment.

Health Place

A total of 590 people has been wounds, according to the vice-minister of Health. The demonstrators throw stones to the Police, that responds as well with the tear gas use. The traffic is cut, safe for the ambulances. At least 43 hurt in shocks between demonstrators and the Police in the Tahrir place. Hundreds of demonstrators face this Wednesday antiriot agents of the Egyptian Police in the environs of the Tahrir place, epicenter of the protests that ended the regime of Hosni Mubarak. At the moment, a total of 590 people has been wounds, according to has informed the vice-minister into Health, Adel Adawi. Adawi has explained that 75 of the wounded were transferred to nine hospitals, whereas the others were taken care of in ambulances and by doctors bet in the places of the incidents.

The demonstrators throw stones to the police, that respond as well with the tear gas use, whereas other tens of people have congregated in the place cairota to protest. The traffic is at the moment cut, and the unique vehicles that accede to the place are ambulances that go to retire the wounded. These disturbances are continuation of incidents that was lived at night on Tuesday in this same zone, which they caused at least 43 wounded, according to said to medical sources to the official agency Ore. The streets bordering to Tahrir show the scene of the lived pitched battle and that extends at the moment, with containers burnouts, the full ground of stones and paving stones and several of the demonstrators adorned with masks by tear gases. The haltings untied to the manifestations the incidents untied Tuesday when tens of people tried to attack the Department of the Interior, in protest by the halting of seven accused people to have caused disturbances in front of a theater where an act for the families of the victims of the revolution was celebrated. During this act, around 150 people they tried to enter the theater the Ball saying that they were familiar of the victims, but was prohibited them the entrance, informed east Wednesday the newspaper governmental To the Ahram, that it indicated that the presents attacked the theater with stones and destroyed the door of the premises. After these events, numerous demonstrators went from different points from the city from the Tahrir place, where they hit the police. This animated to thousands of young people to move to the place to express its solidarity with the demonstrators attacked by the police, according to witnesses.